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CEOS & their senior leadership teams

During this 2hour LIVE webinar I will share with you the '10 Habits' used by 10,000's CEOs and Senior Leaders to 10x their results and build
passionate, disciplined and accountable cultures.

Designed for the forward thinking and ambitious
of mid size and high growth companies

THURSDAY 11th july 2020


Based on the Scaling Up Methodology described in Verne Harnish’s bestselling
books Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up!

For the last 14 years Hayley has worked with  hundreds of ambitious, successful CEOs, Managing Directors and Entrepreneurs. Her straightforward, straight talking proven approach has enabled them to achieve high levels of accelerated growth and profitability, increased the value of their businesses and get them
the time and financial freedom to choose a better life!

This webinar is direct access to Hayley's latest thinking on the most effective ways to lead through these unprecedented times:

An introduction to Verne Harnish’s world renowned Scaling Up Methodology as described  in his bestselling book ‘SCALING UP –How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t’ that underpins Hayley’s Coaching Methodology.

Practical tools to help you identify the bottlenecks and changes you need to address to ensure you keep your team strong and aligned so you can grow, scale and adapt yourselves and operate at the highest level  in the new environment. 


Thought provoking questions to ensure your leadership team are making the right strategic decisions that will maximise growth, profit and cash. Plus a framework to boost your teams culture, productivity, engagement and ownership.

You will receive a complimentary copy of Scaling Up PLUS the webinar Slide Deck and the Webinar Recording that you can share with your team.

You will leave with renewed clarity, focus and energy and a way forward to ensure you are planning and executing in the most effective way.

Practical insights to help you and your team better handle the stress, stay resourceful and confident as you navigate this journey of change.

When you planned your strategy for 2020, you could never have imagined we would be living through such difficulty and uncertainty. Even if your business is in the fortunate minority that’s thriving, everything has changed and as we start to ease ourselves out of lockdown, this is an overwhelming time for business leaders!

For the last 14 years I’ve working closely with CEOs and management teams of ambitious growth companies, to help them scale faster, more profitably and with less stress!

During this interactive webinar you will discover the Vital Steps to Grow your business in this new world. 

It is my intention to have a positive and sustainable influence on your business and life. My mission by the end of this webinar is to leave you with some practical frameworks and the understanding that when applied will give you:

If you have drive, determination, big ambition and are ready to make the changes required to scale to the next level, book your complimentary webinar place now! Investing 90-minutes of your time into this webinar may be the most beneficial business decision you make in 2020.


Scale Up

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Hayley has great experience taking businesses through their Scaling Up Journey. In the last 18 months we have grown from 40 to 140 people! Having the best people is everything and Hayley has really helped us recruit the right people.

The business has changed completely, two years ago I was the central point to everything and all decisions came through me. We are now a much more mature business and have an effective leadership team and first tier management structure, so now, all decisions are now made at the appropriate level.




Includes 2 Hour Live Webinar,
Webinar Slide Deck and Webinar Recording.

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Hayley's Story

hayley erner scaling up
hayler erner scaling up
hayler erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
Starting Work

Looking back at my childhood, growing up in the midst of my parents running the UK’s leading independent diamond jewellery manufacturing, wholesaling and retail business. While the returns were lucrative, like most owner manged businesses, it relied heavily on my parents on a daily basis to make decisions, solve problems and drive growth. This was tiring and sometimes stressful for them and when I look back with what I know today, I realise just how hard it was for them running the business and balancing family life. So this is a part of what drives my passion for coaching today. After leaving school, I was encouraged to join the business myself. While jewellery had never been a passion of mine, I was grateful for the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. For the first 20 years, I worked my way through every department from finance, sales and marketing to manufacturing, import and retail.

Changing Roles

Come 2002, my sister and I bought the business and I became Managing Director. However, it had never really been what I wanted to do. Jewellery was my father’s passion, not mine – I didn’t have the same enthusiasm he did, so finding a clear vision for where the business was going difficult for me. When it came to our team, they were my Dad’s team, not mine, so despite their commitment to the business, I was not giving them the direction and leadership they were looking for.

Taking Responsibility

Fast forward to 2005, I was approached by a business coach. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I’d landed this new leadership position, so I decided to take a leap of faith and jump right in. It turns out I’d made the right decision – working with a coach was a life-changing experience for me. I became a better leader, helped the team thrive and make decisions for themselves. I felt more focus and energy in myself and my team as we pushed towards our goals and targets.

However, being coached also made me realise how massively I’d underperformed for the first 25 years of my career and how much of my potential I’d left unfulfilled. So much so, I gained the confidence to make a significant change and decided to become a coach myself. It turned out to be the best professional decision ever made and today, coaching is so much more than a profession for me – it’s definitely a vocation.

For my first seven years in coaching, I was part of global franchise ActionCOACH, where I fast became one of their leading performers winning many national and global awards. In 2011, my work was also recognised when I was awarded the IOD Business Advisor of the Year.

Growing and scaling a business is difficult, which is why I get enormous pleasure out of working with my amazing clients and helping them on their journey of continued success. Passionate about coaching them to be resilient and resourceful leaders so they can handle the stress running a business can bring. I regularly study with some of the greatest thought leaders in business today, keeping me interested and growing as well as ensuring I stay relevant and future thinking.

Today, I’m more passionate than ever about helping others play their best game in life and business. I’m fortunate enough to get to work with some amazing people who have huge aspirations. Over the last 13 years, I’ve honed my skills to become one of the most successful independent business coaches in the UK, and I’m always challenging myself to be better than who I was the day before.

My Love of Horses and Life

When I’m not helping businesses scale and grow, I’m a competitive horse rider and have my own small team of show horses. We travel the UK Country Show Circuit, and I’ve won many prizes at the Horse of the Year Show, the Royal International Horse Show and the National Championships.

A Life Changer

My family are wonderful, loving and supportive and, while my life is far from perfect, I am incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learnt over the years, and I embrace every challenge life throws my way.