Is your Business Giving You the

Financial and Emotional Freedom

To live the life you really deserve?

Why work with a Coach

I bet you love the autonomy that running your own company gives you. However have you ever considered the price you are paying for that lack of accountability.

Do you find yourself working long and hard? To the outside world you are achieving some great success, but you know deep down it shouldn’t be this difficult and wonder where the day to day excitement went?  

You  thought adding more people was supposed to take the burden away, but now you’ve more people coming to you for answers? You’re so deeply entrenched in the day to day, you can’t see a way out of it? 

The truth is you are not alone and this is where a  great coach can be a valuable member of your trusted advisor team :

  • Work in your blindspots and increase your leadership skills so you can lead with greater certainty and clarity.
  • Find you the pathway out of the day to day so you have the time and headspace to work on the things that will scale your company faster.
  • Ensure you have a the right Senior Leadership Team to complement you.
  • Develop you and your senior team so you can rely on them to execute the strategic priorities and run the business day to day.
  • Provide a scaling up roadmap and have the expertise to guide you through the journey.
  • Hold you accountable to play your best game and believe in you when you doubt yourself!
  • Ensure you balance personal and professional life.

In summary, it’s likely you overestimate what can be achieved in 1 yr and underestimate what can be achieved in 3-5 or 10 years with the right strategy and planning.

Get in touch if you want to understand more about how working together could work for you.

Hayley Erner

Would we work well together?

If you can say yes to the following, then we’d do great work together.

Your Vision & Goals

Do you want to double of treble your business within 3-5 years?

Is your goal to get your business working without you day to day so you have freedom?

Do you want to exit/sell the business within 3-5yrs for enough money to be financially free for the rest of your life?

Your Personal Attributes

Do you have the drive and discipline to do the work to achieve your dream?

Do you have an open mind, love to learn and ready for things to change?

Are you prepared to be guided and have your thinking challenged?

Setting the foundations to Scale..

Firstly it’s important to understand this is a journey, not a course or set program. This proven method is structured yet flexible and bespoke to what is appropriate to support you achieve your short term and long term goals.


Before we can plan, we should know our start position eg the strengths and weaknesses of a business, including leadership. team, culture, profitability, scalability, cash etc.

Vision & Alignment

Put simply – Are you clear on your vision and will it give you long term financial freedom?
Step 1: Vision clearly articulated verbally and visually.
Step 2: Vision communicated to all stakeholders
Step 3: Ensure all key stakeholders are aligned

Strategic Planning Retreats

The only way to win big today is to find you a truly differentiating growth strategy that puts you in a space in your industry that no-one else is occupying. We will use various world class strategy tools to find what it is for you.

Execution Planning

A strategy without a plan to execute is useless. The next step is to break down your strategy into actionable milestones that we implement through an Annual and Quarterly Planning Rhythm to ensure your long term strategy and short goals are achieved through 13 week sprints.


The next step is to ensure there your Management and Leadership team are accountable for executing the quarterly plan. Ownership of priorities are clear and my process to allow you to track progress weekly is implemented.

Accelerated Performance

This is how we get your team engaged, passionate and achieving results.

Effective Meetings & Communication

Training your team to run focused, efficient meetings that flush out issues and get to decisions fast. Meetings that create high accountability, reduce management time, ensuring communication flows freely throughout the business .

Recruitment Strategy

Your success hinges on your ability to hire the best talent. My proven recruitment method will allow you to attract the best and only hire only ‘A’ Players – People that fit your culture and deliver results in little management time.

Process Accountability

Processes are robust enough to manage growth across all functions. They are clearly mapped to align with your customer’s journey. Your people take responsibility to follow the the process and where appropriate KPIs are assigned to ensure people are working correctly to the process.

Team Structure & Talent Development

My talent management process ensures you have the right capabilities in every position, people and development plans and we ensure the structure of how you “people are organized” serves your people, your customers and the business.

Score Boards

Everyone is aligned to the company’s goals. Scoreboards measuring the KPIs that drive the right behaviours and results are visible. Everyone owns a target and progress is tracked daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to ensure the company’s financial goals and strategic priorities are met.


You know how it feels when you walk into a business that has an amazing culture. My process ensures your stated Core Values express your company’s uniqueness. They drive the right behaviours, create the framework to help people make values-based decisions and inform your hiring and firing decisions.

Leadership Coaching and Development

The growth of your business relies on the strength of your leadership and management capability. Coaching enables you and your people to continually grow to meet the requirements of your roles.

Coaching individuals 121

Even the best talent benefits from the support and accountability delivered through focused 121 coaching. Developing leadership skills and emotional toughness are key to personal confidence and success. The sessions provide both support and challenge to ensure issues are identified, understood and worked through, so the focus remains on what’s important.

Leadership Team Coaching

Your leaders also need to understand how to be team players. All too often people work in silos, avoid conflict and there is an underlying lack of trust. Using proven models like Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a team we develop the skills and behaviours of your Leadership and Management teams so they work effectively together to deliver results.

Psychometric Profiling

I use world class profiling tools like Talent Dynamics to ensure your people have the right strengths to deliver their area of responsibility. Other tools like Flippen Profiling identify the leadership constraint so they can be worked on to ensure they don’t hinder the business’s success.


Success comes from consistent growth, discipline and a set of habits and principles to operate by.

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Hayley's Story

hayley erner scaling up
hayler erner scaling up
hayler erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
hayley erner scaling up
Starting Work

Looking back at my childhood, growing up in the midst of my parents running the UK’s leading independent diamond jewellery manufacturing, wholesaling and retail business. While the returns were lucrative, like most owner manged businesses, it relied heavily on my parents on a daily basis to make decisions, solve problems and drive growth. This was tiring and sometimes stressful for them and when I look back with what I know today, I realise just how hard it was for them running the business and balancing family life. So this is a part of what drives my passion for coaching today. After leaving school, I was encouraged to join the business myself. While jewellery had never been a passion of mine, I was grateful for the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. For the first 20 years, I worked my way through every department from finance, sales and marketing to manufacturing, import and retail.

Changing Roles

Come 2002, my sister and I bought the business and I became Managing Director. However, it had never really been what I wanted to do. Jewellery was my father’s passion, not mine – I didn’t have the same enthusiasm he did, so finding a clear vision for where the business was going difficult for me. When it came to our team, they were my Dad’s team, not mine, so despite their commitment to the business, I was not giving them the direction and leadership they were looking for.

Taking Responsibility

Fast forward to 2005, I was approached by a business coach. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I’d landed this new leadership position, so I decided to take a leap of faith and jump right in. It turns out I’d made the right decision – working with a coach was a life-changing experience for me. I became a better leader, helped the team thrive and make decisions for themselves. I felt more focus and energy in myself and my team as we pushed towards our goals and targets.

However, being coached also made me realise how massively I’d underperformed for the first 25 years of my career and how much of my potential I’d left unfulfilled. So much so, I gained the confidence to make a significant change and decided to become a coach myself. It turned out to be the best professional decision ever made and today, coaching is so much more than a profession for me – it’s definitely a vocation.

For my first seven years in coaching, I was part of global franchise ActionCOACH, where I fast became one of their leading performers winning many national and global awards. In 2011, my work was also recognised when I was awarded the IOD Business Advisor of the Year.

Growing and scaling a business is difficult, which is why I get enormous pleasure out of working with my amazing clients and helping them on their journey of continued success. Passionate about coaching them to be resilient and resourceful leaders so they can handle the stress running a business can bring. I regularly study with some of the greatest thought leaders in business today, keeping me interested and growing as well as ensuring I stay relevant and future thinking.

Today, I’m more passionate than ever about helping others play their best game in life and business. I’m fortunate enough to get to work with some amazing people who have huge aspirations. Over the last 13 years, I’ve honed my skills to become one of the most successful independent business coaches in the UK, and I’m always challenging myself to be better than who I was the day before.

My Love of Horses and Life

When I’m not helping businesses scale and grow, I’m a competitive horse rider and have my own small team of show horses. We travel the UK Country Show Circuit, and I’ve won many prizes at the Horse of the Year Show, the Royal International Horse Show and the National Championships.

A Life Changer

My family are wonderful, loving and supportive and, while my life is far from perfect, I am incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learnt over the years, and I embrace every challenge life throws my way.